Hot Romance Whodunits

5 full-length novels – each stands alone

5 Hot Aussie Romances – 5 HEA endings

5 Cold Case Murders – solved individually

One a deeper subplot intelligently intertwining all 5 novels

1 Serial Killer – 1965 to 1988 – hunted down 2004

Settings in city and country Australia, from the coast to the outback

Beauty Skin Deep: Remains of a Local Girl

Kate is every man’s dream to look at. She’s also a bit of a party girl who likes a casual hook-up. Awesome, right? Unless you’re a man looking for something more than that and you see it in her. Then you’re going to have to work for what you want, because winning the lovely Kate’s trust is going to take some doing.

Ben is a small town cop who lost his young wife to a car accident shortly after they married. He’s sufficiently healed and ready to start again. He has always been too serious – a bit of a sap when it comes to romance… Visiting city girl Kate has him star gazing and daydreaming after one little goodnight kiss. Perhaps she isn’t his ideal match, though… Or then again, perhaps, deep down, she actually is.

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AKA Candy Weston: Secret of the Widow Mulvane

Clair Wells (AKA stripper Candy Weston) is hot, smart and fun to be around. She knows exactly what she wants and is in complete control of her life. Or at least she was. Until she returns to a small town she used to visit as a child – there to report on a cold case murder for a college assignment – and a reclusive widow and local landscaping guy take her safe little world apart.

David Barrett runs his own gardening business and has just retired from playing local grade football. His current girlfriend is sleeping with her boss on the sly, although their relationship was only ever casual from her point of view. David tends to get ahead of himself and usually falls pretty heavily. He decides on a new code – no strings! Then Clair turns up at David’s place with his match-making sister and ‘no strings’ is soon put to the test.

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Ever Since April: The Soccer Field Bones

Jason Ford is back in town after twenty years to investigate the unearthing of human remains at a soccer field. April Anderson still has his unanswered schoolboy love letters hidden in the bottom of her jewellery box. Her hubby is away visiting his parents, so she offers her childhood friend the spare room…. Nothing problematic in that, right? …Wrong! All kinds of wrong. All levels of it.

Every time Jason bumps into April there’s another dude with a claim. This one is overseas and out of the picture for the next few weeks. And April isn’t a happy woman. Not that that should be any of Jason’s business… Except there’s the tiny detail that Jason actually did see and develop feelings for April first – back when they were at high school together… Surely that gives him some small level of entitlement, doesn’t it?

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The Children’s Room: Trelor Sect Killings 1972

Two children who survived a religious sect massacre in 1972 are fated to meet again one day…… Matthew Forest is aimless in life. He’s late 30s and has nothing he can’t hop on a plane, fly half way around the world, and forget. The shallowness of this existence gets to him, though. He needs meaning and purpose.

Single mother Nicole is ‘meaning and purpose’ personified and could use a bit of the other stuff. Nicole has been left alone by an ex-husband and is technically available. She’s not the type of woman Matthew usually dates. He’s from upper-class London and has never even met a small town, working single mother before. One with two jobs no less…. The thing is – grounded and real-life might be exactly what Matthew has been missing out on.

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Kangaroo Crossing: Legend of a Desert Grave

Blake Malone is an investigative journalist who travels the world. He usually only beds his women. He has rules, though: Never take advantage of vulnerability and never start something you won’t be around to follow up on…. Blake has a big, adventurous life and a cool city apartment. He has it all figured and under control until he arrives in Cooper’s Crossing to investigate the legend of a desert grave and meets country girl Madeline – and can’t stomach the idea of another man ever kissing her.

Madeline Thompson is pretty, sweet, and an accomplished business manager running her grandparents’ cattle property on the edge of the desert. She’s thinking about trying on-line dating sites to find a man who might be prepared to make a life outback with her…. Madeline is lonely and very much in need of attention when big-city reporter Blake Malone happens along.

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