Light Horror Fantasy

FRESH MEAT: The back roads of the mallee scrub all look alike. Brad has a tractor part to deliver and a mud map to find the place. He finds more than expected in an attractive, free-spirited hitchhiker girl and a family with a strange appetite.

PLAIN JANE: The desire to ‘feed’ and ‘drink’ can’t be fully supressed. Jane needs flesh and blood. She has also come of age and would like to live a normal life… maybe have a boyfriend. But what kind of guy would want to get with a ghoul? Jane’s sister has an idea..!

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LOVES ME NOT: Wendy didn’t like her life, and she doesn’t particularly like her after-life either. The children of the house understand her. Two little girls with their childish games. Their daddy says he loves them, but that’s what he used to say to Wendy.

WALLFLOWER GIRL: Romance and a past life experience: What is déjà vu? Anne has seen this place before but has never travelled this road in her life. Well – not in this life… Her greatest fears and desires are realized when she suddenly comes face to face with her–um–husband..?

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WITCH: There is a witch living just across the creek at Apple Glen. All the newspapers want an interview, but she’s a rather tricky proposition. Rosalinda is feeling the aches and pains of her advancing years, though, so perhaps it is time… once again!

NEVER LINGER: A 400 year old warlock, a 200 year old witch… In the misty, creepy little village of Apple Glen, Anita Morris must face what has risen from the swamp down at the old graveyard. By day, she feels nothing of the wisdom she possesses–the power within her spirit.

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What if Mother Nature thought we humans were out of control and decided to reset population growth? How would it be if you somehow woke up 100 years after the event and didn’t find anything like what you see in the movies? What if violence and mayhem hadn’t come to rule, and that what you found was all peaceful and nice?
New world village Ascot 2130 A.D.
Total world population: 1.2 million
World crime rate: absolute zero
Current female fertility: 99.8%
Post viral birth rate: normal

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