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I don’t get why slut is a derogatory term…


I was challenged by a friend the other day: How is it that as a writer you’re into love, romance AND porn – isn’t there a conflict of ideals there?

Not at all. For mine it comes down to the idea of a slut and of objectification.

Let’s deal with objectification first: Men, do you quite often objectify women? Of course you do. That’s why half naked hot girls work in advertising…. And women, do you quite often objectify men? Of course you do. Ripped and shirtless sells every bit as well.

It’s all perfectly natural and healthy. Just a part of procreation.

Now let’s deal with sluts: Women are beautiful during any act of sex. Makes no difference if it’s in the marital bed or in a hotel room for money or even if it’s in the back seat of a car and there’s a line-up of men having turns – she’s a thing of beauty…. It’s really that simple. Sex is a purely physical act and has absolutely nothing to do with integrity.

That’s right. I’m contending that a hooker and a bride are simply two women, and there is no indication of what kind of person either of them are so far.

And so – how does the back seat gangbang co-exist with sweet romance? Well, the fact is that if you are able to offer yourself for physical sex with a person other than your partner, you are not in love with your partner…. Debauchery and love co-exist quite easily because they never meet.

It’s easy to write about either.