Newborns LOVE your face

Did you know…

From birth, babies have a LOT to learn, and their brains are on an exponential growth trajectory, making millions of neural pathway connections through stimulation. Yes, through stimulation so no, they don’t want to sleep 22 hours a day. They need input!

Experts suggest 14-17 hours of sleep are required, the rest of the time is for feeding and learning. But even during feeding, be connected to your bub. Look at their eyes, talk or sing to them. Constant sounds from you 20-30cm from their eyes allows them to focus on you and realise you are their special person.

FYI, bub doesn’t know if you can sing in tune, that’s not important. What is important is that you are present and connected to your bub. Sitting and watching TV, or playing with your phone, is not being connected. It is losing a precious opportunity to help your child develop their cognitive skills. And how simple is that? You are your bub’s incredibly important first teacher, helping them develop their ability to think, understand and communicate. They are also learning how to remember and imagine or work out what might happen next in their world.

So warm up those vocal cords, google nursery rhymes, and be prepared to talk and sing out loud a LOT!

Where do parents go for legitimate advice? As a qualified teacher I have access to incredible resources, based on the latest scientific research and backed up by academia.  Google is not the whole answer. I offer you a credible, valuable and scientific alternative that is further supported through observation and experience.

Disclaimer:  Due to the limit of words statements will not be referenced. Sweeping statements and general comments are not fleeting, throw-away opinions on a subject. They are backed by scientific research and a vast academic resource. 

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