Newborns LOVE input

Did you know…

Aristotle said we had five senses, but in fact isolating senses does not cause perception. Experts state that real perception is about integrating information across all senses and moving around in order to perceive better.

Walk around with your newborn positioned so they can see what you’re looking at but also have the opportunity of looking at your face.

Point to an object, name it, show them what it does, how it sounds, how it smells (if that’s possible), ask what else you could do with it? This is your opportunity to be an actor. Use slower, exaggerated movements. Ask questions aloud (no, you won’t get an answer…yet). Pull faces. But be constantly connected to their eyes, keeping your face close to theirs.

When bub’s on their back on the floor hold a small object above them (at about their shoulder level), say “ball”, touch their left hand with it, then slowly move it above them in an arc and touch their right hand. Encourage them to grab it, hold their palms up and rub it on their palm. Place it on the floor just out of reach and encourage them to try grab it (roll them on their side to facilitate the action). This encourages so much cognitive development you would be amazed.

With such simple, but regular input from you their world is becoming enormous and real. And most importantly, when you are connected with them they feel safe.

Where do parents go for legitimate advice? As a qualified teacher I have access to incredible resources, based on the latest scientific research and backed up by academia.  Google is not the whole answer. I offer you a credible, valuable and scientific alternative that is further supported through observation and experience.

Disclaimer:  Due to the limit of words statements will not be referenced. Sweeping statements and general comments are not fleeting, throw-away opinions on a subject. They are backed by scientific research and a vast academic resource. 

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