Clueless in love


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Jen is the clumsy, bug phobic, music loving owner of
Sweet Dreams Café in the small town of Maple Grove. She spends most of her time
working, occasionally dating, and is generally content and happy.

When Jen unexpectedly finds herself in an elevator with
Jacob Walker, A-list actor and sexiest man alive, she catches her breath, smiles
politely, wishes him a good day, and amazingly keeps the encounter with the
megastar to herself.

Showing up a month later at Sweet Dreams, Jake orders a
coffee and blueberry muffin to-go from Jen herself, leaving her dumbfounded and
feeling like an infatuated fangirl.

The two form an unlikely friendship over coffee and
conversation while he films on location.

Knowing Jake won’t be in town forever, Jen keeps her
attraction and her feelings for Jake to herself. She knows once he finishes
filming he will leave, and life will go on as usual.

Or will it?

Under different circumstances could the friendship
between Jen and Jake blossom into something more or is it all just Sweet Dreams?

BOOK REVIEW: This is a brilliant slow burn to a heart, mind and body shattering climax. Meeting a famous actor – a super hot one of the opposite sex – would be a dream come true, right? But how would you really respond? I think this little story nails reality. Our heroine knows from the outset exactly where her place is – where an ordinary person fits in the world of a movie star. The way her feelings overwhelm her logic is crafted to perfection. What a ride! This is obviously a story for the ladies but it wouldn’t be hard to reverse the roles and imagine being an ordinary guy with a real chance of snagging a screen beauty. The brilliance in this story is in the hunt and the chase. And it isn’t either of our protagonists doing the hunting or chasing. No, they’re both hopeless cases… This is about how love doesn’t let up until Jen, Jake and us readers are at its mercy. Then it really gets going! Awesome read.

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