Steamy and Smart


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It was meant to be just another open house….

After their cars are vandalised, real estate tycoon Jensen Kingsley and his quiet employee, Emma Williams, are stranded miles from anywhere in an empty house in the middle of a storm. With no one able to rescue them for days, they must face the truth – they’re stuck…. together.

Playboy Jensen is faced with the temptation of his life. A weekend alone with a woman who has been under his skin for two years. However demons from his past force him back, and he vows to keep his distance.Emma has always secretly wondered what Jensen would be like in bed. He’s asked her a few times but she knows better than to let her handsome boss get too close. So why does he appear to have changed his mind? Determined to prove that he wants her, she sets out to do the one thing she swore she’d never do…. seduce her boss.

Emma is playing a dangerous game. With stakes this high, she stands to lose not only her pride…. but her heart.

Can they survive the fallout?

   It’s cold shower time after the hot love scenes early on in this one. The seemingly shallow hero has been brought to life, and we’re starting to understand he has depth. While the lovely heroine – sensible and controlled – has fallen apart, unable to resist what she swore she would never do. There are lots of twists and difficulties in the path of these lovers. It’s a bit of a rollercoaster read, cleverly plotted. I’d recommend it as a good one to take to bed one night for the opening chapters, with a free day following to relax on the couch as you read on through all the ensuing drama an unplanned erotic encounter can create… As well as steamy and intriguing, this is a nice love story.

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