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The Pusher

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Victor Emmanuel Rossi is The Pusher, the Florence frightener.

Victor’s problems began when his father dropped him on his head as a baby. Things didn’t get much better for Victor throughout his thirty years on this planet. He became a menace, the scourge of his street, a local celebrity and a fine artist, in his own right.

Next door to the Hotel Paris on Via dei Banchi in Florence, Italy, Victor Emmanuel Rossi lived. Local residents nicknamed him the pusher, but it wasn’t drugs he was pushing.

A black comedy fable – 5000 word.

   I liked this. What a weird story. It’s very cleverly constructed and intriguing from start to finish. There’s something so simple and true about The Pusher. I’m wondering why I can so easily relate to him, lol… It’s a short read – definitely worth your time.

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