Over the Edge

1. A

 This group sex tale is about a married couple from Boston who shares fantasies in bed one night and carries out those fantasies with a couple from Arkansas they meet on vacation six months later.

Featuring group sex, bisexual/lesbian sex, outdoor & public sex, hand jobs, exhibitionism and voyeurism, blowjobs, cunnilingus, anal sex, double penetration, and more, this story is wicked hot.

Amy and Kevin go to a PTA meeting to stop a strip club from moving into their community. During the meeting, they exchange dirty texts, getting them all horned up for their night at home without the kids. Kevin presses Amy to tell him her fantasy, and she reluctantly admits that she thinks about having sex with a woman. In turn, he tells her that he’d like to watch Amy with another man.

During a summer camping trip, Amy and Kevin meet Tina and Deacon who convince them to act on those wicked hot fantasies with them.

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BOOK REVIEW: This is a super hot slide into sexual fantasy land. A real-life couple with perfectly normal/typical fantasies about doing things they just don’t do. Taboo ideas to imagine while getting off. Ideas we probably all have but aren’t about to confess to… There’s a clever set up here with the contrasting opposition to development of a local strip club. Then we have the rest of the real-life picture with getting the kids off to their vacation. All good build-up for our everyday married couple… The slide into fantasy comes on fast – the wife’s trepidation excellent. This whole story is hot and sexy – the climax with the 4some is just that… a climax!

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