Book Review:

This is a beautiful little story about the magic and wonder of fate. The Christmas setting is perfect for it, of course. Engaging characters and plenty of heat, chill, banter and confusion between heroine and hero keeps things charging along. The blend of fun and poignancy feels real to me – neither aspect of the story overpowering the other, just fitting so well together…. Perfect for the season. Settle back and get set for a tearjerker that makes you smile.

Eve Taylor, a self confessed Christmas addict, should be at home decorating her tree and baking cookies for Santa. Instead she’s stuck in a snowed in airport the night before Christmas Eve. Another lonely Christmas seems inevitable until Grayson Parker and his two small children come barging into her life. Will Grayson be able to melt Eve’s heart in time for a Merry Christmas or will events conspire to pull them apart? Merry Christmas, Eve on Amazon