Wilderness Trek

Wilderness Trek

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American cowboy, Stirling Haselton, taking the blame for a shooting committed by a friend, is exiled to Australia and with one loyal follower, joins a party of ranchers and drovers making the long wilderness journey to the Elaberleys. Along the way come dust storms, drought and numerous other adventures.

 Zane Grey books always ring true. This one is set in early settlement Australia and has the hero and heroine trekking across the untamed continent from east to west. The heroine is a member of one of the families bound for the new territory. The hero is an American cowboy half a world away from home and hired to help drive the herd of cattle. It is a great adventure story as well as a typical Zane Grey romance. If you have enjoyed a few of his American west settings, try this one. You will not be disappointed.

Hot Romance Whodunits by G.S. Bailey

5 full-length novels – each stands alone

5 Hot Aussie Romances – 5 HEA endings

5 Cold Case Murders – solved individually

One a deeper subplot intelligently intertwining all 5 novels

1 Serial Killer – 1965 to 1988 – hunted down 2004

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