Wrapped up for Christmas

 Two Sisters. Threatening Calls. Mastering Fears

Blaze and Brooke, sisters of the Masters brothers, return home for a double wedding. Before they settle in, Brooke receives a call threatening her fiance and Blaze receives a call from someone else doing the same. Scared but determined not to lean on their brothers, they secretly prepare for a battle while finishing last minute wedding details. Things go from bad to worse, but Blaze and Brooke have learned from the Masters, literally. They’re not going down without a fight.

If you love Christmas, snow, romance, and a little suspense Mastering the Brides is the book for you.

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BOOK REVIEW: A shiveringly atmospheric little romance with a couple of dimensions to the chill. The setting is icy, so too the suspenseful undercurrent, making the contrasting warmth and happiness of marriage and family feel tenuous. The blend of these opposites is a strength of this author, and we’re served a tasty sample in this novella. Standalone, I’m giving this one 4 stars, but if you know the characters and read this as the conclusion to a powerful romantic suspense series, it’s 5 star all the way.

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