Relentless, merciless


**Dream Stalker – First Place Winner of the Romance Writers Association’s PASIC Book of Your Heart contest**

Reporter Janine Chase believes she has finally found someone who truly loves her in Detective Connor Dawson. Then horrific nightmares of murder start and romance becomes the furthest thing from her mind. Nightmares become reality when a serial killer begins murdering everyone close to Janine, including Connor’s brother Brian who is working as Lead Detective on the murder cases. When the killer attacks Janine, she survives, but Connor reports to the press that she has been killed. She loses everything from her former life, including Connor who blames her for his brother Brian’s death.
Now, two years later, Janine is living quietly under a new identity and she believes the killer who stalked her dreams has stopped. Until she is awakened by a brand new nightmare…
Could the killer be back? Her worst fear is confirmed when Connor shows up on her doorstep shortly after. Despite his anger toward Janine over Brian’s death, Connor has kept tabs on her and although there were no more murders after he announced her death, he always believed that the killer would resurface. Now, the murderer’s fresh trail of death is leading straight to Janine’s new hometown. Not a believer in coincidence, Connor fears she is next and as hard as it is to see her, he knows it will be worse if the killer gets to her and he could have prevented it. Can he protect Janine and put an end to the psychotic killer’s bloody rampage once and for all?
Dream Stalker is a romance with psychological and thriller elements.

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BOOK REVIEW: This story begins with a murder in progress. Cover to cover, the tension never lets up. This is the kind of book you read standing up, pacing the room, thumbing pages with one hand while making your cup of tea with the other – assuming you’re still up for a cup of tea after what goes on here…. The tension never abates because it has a number of strings to it and they’re each being constantly wound tighter: We have serial killings – who and why? We’ve got romance, lust and giving in to desires. There’s a good dose of the mildly supernatural to figure out. The relationships are complicated and real – abandonment, family, blame, revenge, loss, love. We have everything closing in around our main characters, little by little the whole book through…. The dripping suspense never relents and the author shows us no mercy. Five stars and two thumbs up!

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