Walks you through

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 This is a beginner’s guide to real estate investment. It will provide the readers with decision making process and strategies for various real estate investment options. Filled with personal experiences and real life scenarios, this book not only offers what a beginner needs to know to get started but at the same time realize their dreams!

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BOOK REVIEW: This is plain English and mathematics. An easy to read and understand guide to assessing whether real estate investment is for you and for planning the first steps should you choose to take the plunge. I like the breadth of analysis – the comparison with other types of investments through to the various types of properties to be considered and on to financing and property management. I’m impressed by the clear, concise presentation of facts and ideas (walking us through). This book strikes me as intelligent, rational and realistic. There is no gloss or hype… If you’re considering real estate investment as a beginner, this would be a great guide to add to your preparations.

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